Kakamega forest station

There is accommodation in and around Kakamega forest. In Kakamega forest station, southern part, for now you can camp in Isecheno camping site or you can still stay in Isecheno blue shouldered guest house which is located outsite on the gate of Kakamega forest station.

We have Rondo retreat centre in the forest, just 2 and half kms from Kakamega forest station which offers luxury accommodation either for full board or half board basis. If you want to experience culture and community livelyhood, you can have community home stay close to Kakamega forest station where you can still explore the forest.

We do have Luvambo forest resort, 700m from Kakamega forest station and here is also luxury accommodation that offer accommodation on full board or half board basis in the southern part of the forest which is Kenya forest service managed area.

In the Northern part of the forest, Kakamega forest national reserve we have Udo's camping site, Isukuti guest house and new Udo's guest house where visitors can stay when you are exploring the rainforest.

Also you can stay in Kakamega town, which is 18kms from Kakamega forest station and still explore the forest. in Kakamega town there is Golf hotel which is 3 star hotel, Sheywe guest house which is luxury hotel, Friends hotel, Kakamega guest house in the hurt of Kakamega town, Jamindas paradise motel, Bishop stam which is christian accommodation 9 kms from Kakamega town or you can stay in Svona isle resort close to Kakamega Air strip.

There is luyhia cultural activities that you can enjoy wile in Kakamega forest and you will keep loughing when you experience all these. We have Isukuti dance, Bull fighting, Story telling on camp fire and Luyhia talks, Ishiriri and traditional foods. We can arrange all these but please book ahead of time. And if you like music festival, we do have some night clups in Kakamega town, bar and restaurants where you can enjoy drinks and music.

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Kakamega forest

If you are looking a place for jungle viewing, or Bird watcher, then Kakamega rainforest is for you. We have very rare birds, butterflies, primates and plant including orchids with wonderful view of the forest. You will enjoy bird watching, primate treking and general view of the rainforest.

kakamega forest