Nature walks/ Bird watching in Kakamega forest

Nature walks in Kakamega rainforest includes bird watching primate trekking full day walk and sunrise or sunset walks

short walks 0-3hrs.

Blue MonkeyRed tailed monkeykakamega forest monkey kakamega forest chameleon

Walks through the forest watching various species of monkeys, massive native trees marked as the "Big five" and their medicinal values, butterflies, birds, climb on the canopy watch tower and tour the natural grassland.

Long walks

Walk through the forest to river Yala south or to Isiukhu falls in the North and enjoy the wonderful rapid fall with a calm breeze and tremendous butterflies,Birds, monkeys where you feel the interesting part of the riverine based forest.

Sunrise Walk

We leave at 5:00 AM and Walk through the Forest to Lirhanda Hill the highest elevation (1700 above sea level) of Kakamega forest and see the sunrise, view the entire Forest, see the Nandi escarpment, see the grasslands within the forest and then turn back and watch Birds, Butterflies and Monkeys.

Sunset Walk 0-3hrs.

We leave at 5:00 PM to Lirhanda Hill where you will see the sunset and generally the Forest canopy cover.

Bird Watching

Kakamega forest is one of the Important Bird Area (IBA) that has over 330 species of Birds including; Ansorge's Greenbul, Blue headed bee eater, Turner's Eremomela and many others forest species. We leave at 6:30 AM .

Village walks

We visit the Luyhia community and the Market around the forest and see the local thatched community bandas, community home stays, indigenous vegetables and community land cultivation.

Bird Watching

The best time is 6:30 to 8:30 AM and late at 4:30 to 6:45 PM. during day time Birds are common only with calls, but early morning or late in the evening is the time you will see many species of birds.

Water Falls walk/hike 3hrs.

We start from KWS canteen watching primates, birds, some animals e.g. bush back, blue duiker, red duiker then we proceed to Isiukhu river where we see the water falls, then we proceed to Buyangu hill lookout where we view the Kakamega forest from the top and we turn back to the camp.


These walk is arranged specifically for Guest interest.

Operating hours

Forest reserve is open 365 days a year, even holidays, from 8am till 6pm. It is possible to arrive earlier for a sunrise walk, or to come for a night walk, but please book ahead of time.

Contact us for booking


or +254 726 951 764

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