Kakamega forest

About Rondo retreat centre

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Rondo Retreat centre in Kakamega forest.

Rondo retreat centre is located in Kakamega rainforest in the Southern part. It is managed by Trinity fellowship.

Rondo is Christian centre, alcoholic drinks are not allowed in the premise.

Rondo retreat is Clean and quirt place that can accommodate Missionaries and Tourists visiting Kakamega forest.

Rondo can accommodate up to 35 people but it can serve upto 50 pax for lunch or dinner and it offer conference facility for small group.

rondo retreat center

Rondo retreat centre is one of the best accommodation in Kakamega rainforest with beautiful gardens flowers, wonderful garden for relaxing and high standard rooms for single, double and triple rooms.

You can book full board or half board in rondo retreat or also you can only book lunch or dinner if you are staying in Kakamega forest station.

Picnic and Camping is not allowed in rondo reatret. If you wish to camp or to do picnic you come to Kakamega forest station in Isecheno camping site or you can also camp in Udo's camping site in the Northern part of Kakamega forest.

You can condact forest nature walks from rondo retreat and get a tour guide from here when you do prio arangements or you can book a guide in advance.

Visitors will be required to pay park entry fee when condacting forest hikes in Kakamega forest station office or if you wish to visit Northern gate you will be required to pay park fee to KWS Kakamega forest national reserve gate.

Operating Hours

The park is open 365 days a year, even holidays, from 8am till 6pm. It is possible to arrive earlier for a sunrise walk, or to come for a night walk, but please book ahead of time.

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