Kakamega forest | Kakamega rainforest

Gatting in Kakamega Forest

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From Kakamega town to Kakamega forest station

Getting in Kakamega forest from Kakamega town, you will take taxi or motorbike through Shinyalu market to Isecheno Kakamega forest station

From Kakamega town to Kakamega forest station in Kakamega rain forest is 18km.

You will either use taxi (1500ksh) during day time but late as from 7:00pm you will be charged (2000ksh). Or you can use motorbike (200ksh per person).

Alternatively if you have your own car, from Kakamega town you will drive to Shinyalu then Isecheno forest station in the Southern part.

If you are coming from Kisumu city, you can use the matatu, ask the Kakamega matatu stage in the main matatu stage in Kisumu city then on the way to Kakamega, ask the driver to drop you at KHAYEGA MARKET.

From Khayega market, you will use the Motor bike (150Ksh) to Isecheno forest rest house or Isecheno KEEP bandas.

It is 13 kilometers from Khayega market to Isecheno forest rest house via Shinyalu then Isecheno.

Getting to Isecheno forest station from Eldoret Town

From Eldoret town, take matatu that goes to Kisumu through Kapsabet then Chapsonoi.

Ask the driver to drop you at Chapsonoi Police station, here there is a rough road on your right that you can use the motor bike from there to Isecheno forest station, it is about 10 km.

Getting to Kakamega forest national reserve, Isukuti guest house or UDO'S bandas from Kakamega town

From Kakamega town to KWS, Iskuti guest house or Udo's bandas is 18 kilometers.

You can take the matatu from Kakamega town to Kambiri market on the way to Webuye, then from Kambiri market use the Motorbike from here to KWS Isukuti guest house / Udo's bandas.

Alternatively you can use the taxi from Kakamega town to KWS Isukuti Guest house or Udo's bandas.

There is well signpost of KWS Kakamega forest national reserve from Kakamega town.

In the southern part of the forest, Isecheno forest station, entry fee of (400ksh residents) or (600ksh non residents) must be paid to the Kenya Forestry Service (KFS). And the north side of Kakamega forest KWS Kakamega Forest national reserve entrance fee must be paid at the gate.

Operating Hours

The park is open 365 days a year, even holidays, from 8am till 6pm. It is possible to arrive earlier for a sunrise walk, or to come for a night walk, but please book ahead of time.

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