Kakamega forest | Kakamega rainforest

Conservation of Kakamega Forest

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Impotance of Kakamega forest

Kakamega forest reserve is one of Important Bird Area (IBA) in Kenya and also having a unique Kenya wildlife that found only here.

These include Birds, Butterflies, Primates, Plants, mammals, Beetles and reptiles.

The only way of saving these remnant rain forest is to conserve it initiating nature best enterprise and through Environmental education, letting the community know the policies and initiate Environmental friendly Income Generating Activity (IGAs).

In Kakamega forest, there is 4 community forest association.

Muileshi Community Forest Association in Kakamega Isecheno Forest station, Kibiri Community Forest Association in Kakamega forest-Kibiri forest station, Bunyala Community Forest Association in Bunyala Forest station and Malava Community Forest Association in Malava Forest station.

These four CFAs in Kakamega rain forest, some they have been supported by some NGOs to carry out conservation activities, and others there are still depending on there annual membership registration for conservation.

There is need for nature lovers to support conservation of Kakamega rain forest to save these unique tropical rain forest.

The following are some of conservation activities carrying out;.

Conservation activities in Kakamega forest

  • Carbon credit project in Kakamega rain forest
  • Eco-Tourism, Home stay
  • Reaforestion
  • Tree Nursery Projects
  • Butterfly Farming
  • School outreach program
  • Energy saving devices
  • Mushroom farming
  • Butterfly Farming
  • Fish Farming
  • Entertainment ( After Visitors hiking in the Rain forest; Evening from 6:30PM there is Entertainment, Luyhia Traditional dance and story telling but on request)

Kakamega Forest Community Based Organizations and Community groups

  • Ikuchi community based organization
  • Shamu community based organization
  • Bush community based organization
  • Kakamega Environmental Education Program (KEEP)
  • Isukha Heritage
  • Musembe Shamiloli (MUSHA)
  • Kakamega Forest Entertainment Group (KFEG)
  • Valonji Women Group (VWG) and many other groups

Kakamega Forest, Community Forest Association

  • Malava Community Forest Association (MCFA)
  • Kibiri Community Forest Association (KCFA)
  • Muileshi Community Forest Association (MUCFA)
  • Bunyala Community Forest Association
  • Kakamega Forest National Reserve Conservation Arm (KFNRCOA)
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